Neighborhood Maintenance

The Sky Ranch maintenance agreement with Pure Cycle includes:

    1. Maintenance of the dog waste stations, including refilling the bags and cleaning out the trash containers on an as needed basis. The CAB shall provide bags for waste station refilling.
    2. Trash maintenance, meaning cleaning out trash cans and replacing bags and removing and disposing of wind-blown trash throughout the neighborhood. The CAB shall provide bags for the trash receptacles.
    3. Lawn maintenance, tree maintenance, weed control or other similar maintenance items that if not completed would impact spring growth.
    4. Installation and removal of holiday lighting along Monaghan Road, 8th Avenue and around the Orion Park area. The CAB will provide the lights and extension cords required for the holiday lighting.
    5. Snow removal in the areas noted in Exhibit A.1 to this Agreement. Snow removal within from these areas will begin when snow totals reach three inches, measured at the Orion Park. This will begin within twenty-four hours of the end of the snowfall event. This does not include removal of ice, and snow will not be removed from the property just removed from the locations noted. Cleaning up of any salt products or other snow melt products is not included in these services. Normal nightly refreezing of melted snow and ice may occur for a period of time after each storm or snow event. Therefore, the Service Provider will return to the property and will re-plow, re-shovel or re-apply salt, sand or snow melt products as it deems necessary.

When a large accumulation of snow is predicted, such as an “upslope”, blizzard conditions, snow in excess of 12”, or declared states of emergency, the Service Provider has discretion to commence services under this Agreement prior to the cessation of snowfall. Any precipitation event lasting longer than 12 hours will require that the Service Provider schedules rest periods for field personnel and managers to assure their safety.


Exhibit A:

Snow Removal Map