Sky Ranch Community Meeting - August 27, 2020, 6PM

Frequently Asked Questions from the Sky Ranch Community Meeting  

August 27, 2020, 6PM Mountain 


On August 27, 2020, Mr. Mark Harding, President and CEO of Pure Cycle Corporation, the Sky Ranch land developer, held a virtual meeting for the residents of Sky Ranch to provide an update on the development and answer questions. The meeting was hosted virtually and was open to all Sky Ranch residents.  A summary of the meeting and the questions received at the meeting are below. 


Mr. Harding began the meeting by presenting the Master Planned Community Meeting slides, which have been posted to the Community website.  


Following the presentation, Mr. Harding held a Q&A session. The most frequently asked questions are summarized below. Additionally, where relevant, we have provided links to additional information including the Sky Ranch Neighborhood Facebook and Neighborhood Nextdoor Pages. 


Q: Is there a limit to the number of cars a house can have?  

A: No, there is no limit. However, in accordance with the community rules and regulations each Unit's garage area and driveway should first be fully used for the parking of vehicles before any street parking is utilized. ( Section 4.7 Vehicular Parking, Storage and Repairs (4.7.1) 


Q: Are trailers allowed to be parked in the driveways or streets?  

A: Commercial vehicles, vehicles with commercial writing on their exteriors, vehicles primarily used or designed for commercial purposes, tractors, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, trailers (either with or without wheels), campers, camper trailers, boats and other watercraft, recreational vehicles, golf carts and boat trailers, may only be parked in enclosed garages, driveways or specific areas if any which may be designated by ARC. ( (Section 4.7 Vehicular Parking, Storage and Repairs (4.7.2)) 


Q:Why is the cost of water so high?  

A:Please refer to slide number four in the prepared presentation materials which details Rangeview Metropolitan District’s water and wastewater rates and fees compared to other area water providers. 


Q:Can you clarify which paths will be paved vs. gravel?  

A:If a path is currently concrete, those are the paths that will be paved/concrete, all others will be gravel or crusher fine trails. 


Q:Are there going to be lights on the Sky Ranch monument signs?  

A:Yes, and we are working with the landscape contractors to complete this as soon as we can. 


Q:Are there plans for a dog park and other recreational facilities?  

A:Yes, planning is already underway for a dog park, recreational facility, swimming pool, etc. For them to be more centrally located for the entire planned development, the majority of these items will likely be located east of N. Monaghan Road across from the Channel.  Timing and exact location are still being evaluated as part of Phase 2. 


Q:Can we get a copy of the development map that was shown tonight?  

A:It is included with the prepared presentation materials. To view the development maps, please see slides five and six. 


Q:Are there any plans to add any more play equipment to the current park at the neighborhood center?  

A:Not currently; however, each park planned for both this initial filing and subsequent filings will have different play equipment designed for various ages of children. This will allow children of all ages the ability to play at a park designed for their particular age. 


Q:Are chickens allowed in Sky Ranch?  

A:Animals, livestock (pigs, cattle, horses, goats, lamas, etc.), birds, poultry, reptiles or insects of any kind may be raised, bred, kept or boarded in or on the Units except as permitted by and in compliance with , the ordinances of the County as applicable, and any Guidelines and/or the CCR Rules and Regulations that do not conflict with such ordinances of the County as applicable. Please note: Arapahoe County allows residents to keep four hens. Roosters and additional fowl are prohibited.(see link) ( (Section 4.4) Animals) 


Q:Is there a standard for the style of the fence a resident can install in Sky Ranch?  

A:All fences, other than fences constructed or installed by the Developer or Builder,  require a permit from the County and must comply with ARC Guidelines and Specifications. Any fence(s) constructed on a Unit shall be maintained, repaired, and replaced by the Unit's Owners. ( (Section 4.6 (4.6.5)) 


Q:Will the open space have ongoing maintenance, and will there be consistent mowing near the split rail fences for the walkout sites? 

A:Yes. However, the process for maintaining these areas depends on how quickly the native seed is established, which could take as long as two years. Once the native seed is established, maintenance, including mowing and weed control will occur as frequently as required for proper upkeep. 


Q:Which builders will be in the next section of the development?  

A:Due to confidentiality we are not able to disclose this at this time; however, once they are under contract, we will let you know who the builders are. 


Q:What is the status and timing of the 6th Ave Extension 

A:6th Avenue is located in the City of Aurora. Development of that extension is at the discretion of Aurora and likely dependent on the landowners between Sky Ranch and S. Powhaton Rd. developing their parcels and providing funding for the construction .    


Q:Why does Rangeview require a fee to pay water/wastewater bills online? 

A:We have a new online payment platform which is free to residents and allows for credit card, ACH and online check payments.   To access the new payment portal, visit  

You can also find a link on our website at  

You can still use the old site to view your water usage, and the payment portal there is active, but the new site listed above is free to use and provides homeowners the ability to pay with ACH, credit and debit cards, online checks, and to establish auto-pay. 


Q:Is reclaimed water used for irrigation with-in the Sky Ranch community 

A: The reclaimed water used for irrigation within the Sky Ranch community is highly treated water that comes from the development's water reclamation facility. Reclaimed water is widely used throughout Colorado for irrigation of public places such as parks, open space, and golf courses allowing water utilities to increase their water conservation efforts by reusing this water a second time for irrigation purposes. The use of this water in the irrigation system follows strict protocols from the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE) related to specific water quality standards, places of use, and community notification and safety procedures. Although the water is clean and exceeds the required water quality standards dictated by CDPHE, it is not potable and should not be consumed or directly handled by the public. 



Q:Is there an update on any potential commercial development? 

A:We are actively discussing various commercial development opportunities both along the northern parcel of Sky Ranch along I-70 and throughout the next phases of development.  Due to the early stage of the discussions we are unable to provide any further detail on what that commercial activity might entail.  


Q:What is the Sky Ranch Neighborhood Facebook Group and Nextdoor Page