Process to Amend CCRs

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Sky Ranch Community Authority Board
CC&R Amendment Process

Amending the Sky Ranch Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions requires at least 67% of the lots which are a party to the Sky Ranch CAB (which includes lots still owned by the developer and the home builders) to vote for the change. The specific process is detailed below:


  • Proposed changes are sent to the CAB’s manager who will work with the CAB’s Attorney to prepare the amendment document
  • The proposed amendment is presented to the CAB Board of Directors for reviews and potential approval. The CAB’s attorney will process any revisions from the Board.
  • The CAB will inform residents of the suggested amendment and how it revises the current CC&R’s.
  • The CAB’s Attorney will then prepare a mail ballot and owner-solicitation letter.
  • A copy of the letter, ballot, and proposed amendment will be mailed to all owners in Sky Ranch with a deadline of no more than 62 days from the mailing date.
  • During the voting period, the Board of Directors can knock on doors and otherwise solicit owners to return ballots should they choose to do so.
  • Once the voting deadline passes, all ballots are counted and if owners representing at least 67% of the lots (and the developer and homebuilders if they still owns lots) approved the amendment, it will be signed, notarized, and recorded with Arapahoe County.
  • Once recorded, the amendment will become effective.